Getting Started(About Rainmaker, Download & Login/Registration)
About us

  1. What is Rainmaker?

    Rainmaker is a Cryptocurrency & Stock fantasy gaming application. It is centred towards a single idea, to educate and bring Cryptocurrency & Stock market enthusiasts from around the globe and India, together on a single platform, to compete against each other in different forms of exciting and gripping contests. These contests are based on recent and live Cryptocurrency & Stock market events, based on informed and tested decision-making skills, which reward the users with the best portfolio management skills in a pre-stipulated budget. It also gives the users a standing chance to win exciting rewards daily, in a fun and engaging, gaming environment. The focus of this platform also transcends to those who are novice and amateur in the field, by offering them an avenue for training and development of skill and proficiency, to further test their development by participating in contests provided on the application.

    Rainmaker works on skill based online fantasy gaming principles with respect to the user rewards taking reference based on factual information and historical data from live events, analysis and fluctuations happening in real time Cryptocurrency and Stock markets.

  2. What is the eligibility to play the game?

    Users aged 18 and above are allowed to play.
    A user must have an active bank account/online wallet and a PAN card to withdraw any winnings to its accounts.
    A user must have an active phone number and email address to register and play.

  3. How to download the Rainmaker Application?

    Rainmaker application is available on IOS App store and Android Play store. Simply search for “Rainmaker” and install the application on your device and start gaming.
    IOS App store
    Android Play store

  4. I don’t know much about Crypto currency/Stock Market. Can I still play?
    Absolutely!! You can gain knowledge as you play and it will help you understand the real-life cryptocurrency and Stock market in a better way.
    Check the “Tutorial” option in the app to get started or Click here – https://rainmaker.win/how-to-play/ to get brief information on how to play.

    Login and Registration

  5. How do I register on Rainmaker?
    Once you are on the application, provide your valid mobile number, Name & Email address. An OTP will be sent on your mobile number for verification. Update the OTP number in the OTP section on the application. Once your mobile number is verified, you are all set for the game!
    Start engaging in the game by joining the contests and creating the portfolios. Keep playing and win big!!

  6. How do I register using an Invite / referral code?

    Download the app. During the sign-up process, you will have an option to enter the referral code along with your name and mobile number. Once the code is verified you and the referrer will get a cash reward benefit.
    You can also invite your friends through your referral code.

  7. I did not receive the OTP while login. What is to be done?
    You should receive the OTP (One Time Password) within two minutes of entering your mobile number. Kindly ensure that:
    • You’ve entered the correct mobile number.
    • Your mobile network is strong and not fluctuating.
    • Your mobile number is not registered for DND.
    In case you still do not receive the OTP, you might have to check this with your network service provider.

  8. My Rainmaker account is suspended. How do I activate it?
    Please contact us through the email option on the website with a copy of your PAN card and we will assist you further.

    How to play (Create / Manage portfolio, Join contests)

  9. How to play?

    Please refer to the game rules under the ’How to Play’ section to understand the rules of entering a contest at https://rainmaker.win/how-to-play/

    • A user will select the segment starting with only  Cryptocurrency or  Stocks.
    • A user will select an existing (for returning users only) or create new team/portfolio by clicking on the desired contest from either the “Contests” section or  the “My Contest”  section under “Upcoming Contests”.
    • A user can choose to play for “Free” or by paying a contest “Entry fee” After a user selects their desired free or paid game mode, they will be able to select their Cryptocurrencies or Stocks to build their winning portfolio
    • Stocks Selection: Each Cryptocurrency or Stocks, irrespective of the circuit levels (link) can be chosen based on an analysis of either ‘Up’ or ‘Down’, representing whether the user’s analysis for a Stocks’s value is for it to move upwards or downwards.
    • Once a user has selected his/her desired Stocks as per the contest regulations, they are eligible to enter free or paid entry contests as per the applicable segments (contests are of different types depending upon the time, segments and other variables) – the user enters the contest directly (before the entry deadline) if its free, or is prompted to pay the entry fees for the particular contest via various payment options like Debit card, Credit card, Net banking, Mobile wallets etc., to enter.
    • During the entire timeline of the contest, as the prices of chosen Stocks change the portfolio value also changes in real time as per the conversion points table.
    • Users can either keep their entries active for the entire duration of the contest or choose ‘Exit’ option to stop points accumulation in their entry at their desired time/portfolio value. The “Exit” option can be accessed under “My entered contests” in the “My Contests” tab by selecting the contest in which the Exit option is to be exercised. After selecting the desired contest, the user must now tap on the desired portfolio for the expanded view and where the “Exit” option can be exercised.
    • Once the contest has ended, within 120 minutes the final winners and losers’ rankings are announced. 

  10. What are the types of contests offered on the application?

    Rainmaker platform offers the following contests:

    • 6 Cryptocurrencies Contest
    • 6 Stocks Contest
    • 9 Cryptocurrencies Contest, and
    • 9 Stock Contest

    A user can enter up to a maximum of 3 (in 6 pick) and 5 (in 9 pick) portfolios per contest, where every portfolio constitutes a separate entry in the contest.

  11. What are the Selection rules for Cryptocurrency & Stock Categories?


    • For 6 Cryptocurrency contests: you can choose Cryptocurrency rom each available category: from highest market cap, 1-20 (1 crypto), 21-50 (2 Cryptocurrencies), and 51-100 (3 Cryptocurrencies).
    • For 6 Stocks contests: you can choose Stocks from each available circuit level categories, contests are basis different indices or the equity market: up to 5% (1 Stock), up to 10% (2 Stocks), 10%+ (3 Stocks).
    • For 9 Cryptocurrency contests: you can choose Cryptocurrency from each available category: from highest market cap, 1-20 (1 crypto), 21-50 (3 Cryptocurrencies), and 51-100 (5 Cryptocurrencies).
    • For 9 Stocks contests: you can choose Stocks from available circuit levels categories contest basis indices or equity market: up to 5% (1 Stock), up to 10% (3 Stocks), 10%+ (5 Stocks).

    Managing Portfolio

  12. How to create a portfolio?

    A user will select either an ‘existing’ or ‘create new team/portfolio’ tab from either the “My Contests” section or the “Contest” section, and add the relevant Cryptocurrencies / Stocks, available thereunder, to the portfolio.

  13. How do I edit my portfolio before entering the contest?

    Yes, you can edit a portfolio before you have paid for the contest.
    Once the payment is made, you cannot, in any way edit, change, or redact the entry placed.

  14. Can I edit my portfolio after the contest starts?
    Once the contest starts, it cannot in any way be edited, changed, or redacted.

  15. Can I save my portfolio for future contest?
    Yes! All portfolios can be saved at the portfolio page from the portfolio card, either while creating a new one or from a previous entry under My Past Contests in the “My Contests” section. These saved portfolios can be viewed under the “My Saved Portfolios” option.

  16. Can I edit my saved portfolio before entering the contest?
    No, you cannot edit a saved portfolio however you can create a new portfolio and save it.

  17. Can I change my portfolio name?
    Yes! You can change your portfolio name before saving a portfolio for future use.

    Joining Contests

  18. Can I join in the middle of the contest?
    The contests are bases on the daily prices of Cryptocurrencies / Stocks market. You should create a portfolio and enter the contest before time. No entries will be allowed once the contest has started.

  19. How do I view a contest I have already joined?
    You can view all the Entered & live, upcoming and past contests you’ve already joined, under the “My Contests” tab.

  20.  How do I score points?
    Please refer to our “Points System options to get detailed information.

  21.  When are the scores or result declared?
    Once the contest has ended, before 120 minutes the winners and losers’ rankings are announced. Please refer to our “Games Rules” option for more details.

  22. For what period can I keep the entries active?
    Users can either keep their entries active for the entire duration of the contest or choose the ‘Exit’ feature to stop points accumulation in their entry at their desired time/portfolio value.

  23. How do I understand a contest on Rainmaker?
    Please refer to “How to play” option to understand the rules of the game.

    *Transaction* (My Balance, Cash Balance, Winnings, Cash Bonus, Withdrawals)
    My Balance

  24. Where do I check my Rainmaker account balance?

    You can check your account balance under “wallet option” in “Menu tab”. The account balance is available in 3 categories.

    • Cash Wallet – Cash added by you to your Rainmaker account which is not yet used to join any cash contest. This also includes the referral cash rewards earned by you.
    • Winning Wallet – Amount earned by you by joining and winning cash contests.
    • Bonus Amount – Amount added to your Rainmaker account as a freebie which can be used to join more contests. Only up to 10% of the desired contest entry fee value can be used at one time.
  25. Where do I check my transaction history on Rainmaker?
    – Go to Menu tab > Wallet > Transaction. All transactions done on Rainmaker will be visible there.

  26. Can I transfer balance from one Rainmaker account to another?
    No, you cannot transfer the balance to any other Rainmaker account. You can transfer your “winning balance” to your own bank account.

  27. How is my account balance utilised while joining contest?

    Priority wise below:

    For Public Contest

    Bonus Amount

    • (As per Bonus amount applicability)
    • Winnings
    • Cash+Referral Balance
    • Cash Deposit (if required)


    For private contests:

    • Cash Wallet
    • Winnings
    • Cash Deposit (if required)

    Cash Wallet

  28. How do I add cash to my Rainmaker account?
    • Wallet > Add cash > enter the amount and proceed.
    • Select your preferred payment mode from UPI, credit card or debit card, linked wallets, and Net banking.
    • Follow the instruction displayed and complete the transaction.

    The amount should be added to your Rainmaker account within 60 minutes and can be checked in “My Transactions” section in the “Wallet” section.

    Please note: For any reason, if the amount is not added within 60 minutes, it will be auto refunded to the source account within 72 hours.

  29. How do I manage PhonePe/Paytm wallets on Rainmaker?

    To link wallets, go to Wallet > Add cash and Follow the Payment Gateway onscreen instructions, authenticate using the OTP.

    Please note: Your wallets should be linked to the same mobile number you’ve used on Rainmaker.

  30. My amount was not added to my Rainmaker account, when will I get my refund?
    Within 3 working days.

  31. What type of cards can be used?

    You can save and use any card (Debit/Credit) powered by (Visa/Master/Rupay) from any Nationalized/Scheduled Bank via our Cashfree Payment Gateway.

  32. Is it safe to enter my card details on Rainmaker?
    Absolutely! We work with trusted third-party payment gateways (Cashfree) with secure authentication to ensure safety and security of all financial transactions. We do not store your credit/debit card details on our database.

  33. Can I link more than one Paytm account on Rainmaker?
    You can link only one Paytm account on Rainmaker.

  34. How do I withdraw money from my cash wallet?

    As an amount is available in the cash wallet & customer needs to withdraw it.

    In case a customer does not want to play on rainmaker app anymore & wants to withdraw money from his cash wallet.

    Customer needs to send his pan card with a mail to support@rainmaker.win so that funds can be transferred to the customer from
    backend and his rainmaker account can be suspended.


  35. When will my winnings get added to my Rainmaker account?
    It takes up to 2 hours (from the time the winners are declared) for your winnings to get added to your Rainmaker account.

  36. How do I withdraw my winnings to my bank account?

    You can withdraw money from your winning wallet. To withdraw your winnings, go to Wallet > Winnings > Withdraw button, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and proceed.

    Please note:

    • You should have a PAN verified Rainmaker account.
    • You should also have a verified bank account or UPI id to which the withdrawal can be done.
    • Your winning balance should be more than Rs.100.  

    Few important things to keep in mind while the withdrawal request is placed:

    • You can place up to 3 withdrawals a day, not exceeding a total value of Rs.1 Crore.
    • You can withdraw a minimum of Rs.100 and a maximum of Rs.1 Crore in one go.
    • Withdrawal requests for more than Rs.1,00,000 will be processed the next day.
    • IMPS withdrawals can take up to 3 workings days to get credited.
    • NEFT/RTGS withdrawals can take up to 5 working days to get credited. The credit will reflect under the name of ‘First Stock Contest Private Limited’.


  37. If other players rank the same as me, how much will I win?

    The winnings will be equally split between all the players who tied up for that rank and the subsequent amount will be skipped. 

    For example, the winning amount for rank 1 is Rs. 1,000 and rank 2 is Rs. 500 and if two players tie for 1st rank, so the next rank will be rank 3. The winnings for 1st and 2nk ranks will be split equally between both the winners. In this case, both the players will win Rs.750 each.

  38. How is the prize money distributed when the contest has multiple winners?

    If there is a tie between two or more players, winning amount will be split equally and the subsequent amount will be skipped.

    For example, if there are 4 members at rank 1, so the next rank will be rank 5. The total winning amount from rank 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be equally split between the rank holders and credited as their winning amount to all 4 members.

    Rank Winnings
    Rank 1 1000
    Rank 2 800
    Rank 3 600
    Rank 4 400
    Avg. 700

  39. Is there any tax deduction on winning?

    31.2% TDS will be deducted from the winning amount, if the winnings are ₹10,000 or more in a single contest.

    The remaining amount (Post tax deductions) will be credited to your Rainmaker account as your “winning”. Since TDS is already deducted from your winnings, NO additional tax is deducted when you place a withdrawal request. You will also get a TDS certificate ONLY if you’ve verified your PAN card on Rainmaker.
    Our obligation in this regard is limited to deducting TDS as applicable and providing you an appropriate certificate of tax deduction (if PAN is updated). We neither advise you nor shall in any manner be responsible for your individual tax matters or any balance tax liabilities.

  40. When will I get my TDS certificate?
    TDS certificates will be issued quarterly for applicable tax deducted at source against winnings credited to players. Certificates will be shared once they are available at NSDL’s Traces Portal (Post Company’s Quarterly TDS returns are processed). Players who have timely verified their PAN will only receive TDS certificates, therefore, it’s recommended to verify PAN at the earliest once KYC verification notification is received by players.

    Bonus Amount

  41. What is a Bonus Amount?
    Bonus Amount is a promotional giveaway bonus given to the users by Rainmaker. You can use it to join any public contests. It is valid for 30 days from the date it is credited, and the Bonus amount with an earlier expiry date is used before. Head to Wallet > to view your cash bonus balance. You can also claim your cash bonus under the offers and coupons section in the menu tab.

  42. How do I earn Bonus Amount?
    Bonus Amount is a promotional bonus offered by the company and can be claimed under the offers and coupons section in the menu tab or by putting in the Bonus coupon code as available on our partner/referral websites.
    We run a lot of promotions for you to earn more Bonus amounts. Do not miss checking out our application notifications for exciting offers and promotions.
    We keep running a lot of promotions for you to earn more Cash Bonuses. Do not miss checking out our application notifications for exciting offers and promotions.

  43. How is Bonus Amount utilised on Rainmaker?

    You will be able to use only 10% of the total entry fees from Bonus Amount balance to enter any public contest on Rainmaker.

    Example: Your Bonus Amount balance is Rs.100 and the entry fee to join the public contest is 200. Only Rs.20 (10% of 200) will be utilised from the Bonus Amount.

    Please remember: 

    • Bonus Amount is used only to join public contests.
    • You can use a Bonus Amount to join cash contests only if you have deposited cash or have eligible Balance in your Rainmaker account.

  44. When will my Bonus Amount expire?
    Your Bonus Amount is valid for 30 days from the date it is credited. The amount that is expiring earlier is used before so that you do not miss out on your Bonus Amount.

  45. How do I earn cash referral rewards?
    Referral Programme: Invite your friends to Rainmaker by sharing your invite code. When they register using your invite code, you and your friend both earn ₹10 as a referral cash reward per invite.

  46. How is Referral cash reward utilised on Rainmaker?

    You will be able to use 100% of the total entry fees from referral cash reward balance which is added directly to your cash wallet and can be used to enter any public and private contest on Rainmaker.

    Example: Your cash wallet amount is Rs.100 and you receive Rs.10 as a referral cash reward, your total cash wallet will become Rs.110 and can be used to pay the entry fee to join a public or private contest.

  47. When will my Referral cash reward expire?
    Your referral cash reward is added to your cash wallet which can be used within 30 days of receipt.


  48. My withdrawal request is cancelled, what should I do now?

    A withdrawal request is usually cancelled due to below reasons:

    A cancellation reason will also be mentioned against the cancelled transaction. If the cancellation reasons are incorrect IFSC, name mismatch or incorrect account number, please verify your bank account with the correct details and place a fresh withdrawal request.

    If the cancellation reason is ‘FairPlay Violation Detected’, we request you to follow the FairPlay rules to avoid such cancellation in future.

  49. How do I withdraw my Bonus Amount?
    You can only use the Bonus Amount to join more contests, but you can’t withdraw it.

  50. I do not have a bank account; can I use someone else’s bank account on Rainmaker?

    You can verify ONLY your own bank account. 

    Please note: If you do not have a bank account, your winnings will keep accumulating in your Rainmaker account which can still be used to join contests and win big!!

  51. Do I have to pay taxes when I withdraw my winnings on Rainmaker?

    Only when your net winning in a contest is more than 10,000 then 31.2% of tax will be deducted as per income tax rules.

    The remaining amount (Post tax deductions) will be credited to your Rainmaker account as your winning. Since TDS is already deducted from your winnings, No additional tax is deducted when you place a withdrawal.

  52. Is there any daily withdrawal limit?
    Yes, you can place up to 3 withdrawals a day, not exceeding a total value of Rs.1 Crore.

    *My Profile*
    Manage my profile

  53. How do I change my bank account?
    No, you cannot change your bank account details from the app.
    You would need to get in touch with our customer support to edit your bank details.

  54. How do I check if my bank account is verified?
    To check which bank account you have verified, head to wallet > KYC and you will see the bank name and account number along with verification status.

  55. How do I contact Rainmaker?
    You can find (almost) all the answers you are looking for on Rainmaker FAQs. In case you do not find them here, contact us anytime through our in-app chat support option and we will assist you. Alternatively, you can also reach out to us on email: support@rainmaker.win

    Verify my account

  56. How do I verify my PAN card?

    Your withdrawals on Rainmaker involve a transfer of money, hence verifying your PAN card and bank account is mandatory.

    To verify your PAN Card:

    • Head to Wallet > KYC> Follow the instructions
    • Enter your PAN card number, Name & Date of birth and enter the details as mentioned on your PAN Card.
    • Upload a clear image of your PAN card and tap on ‘Submit’

    Once the verification request is submitted, it takes a maximum of 3 working days to complete the verification.

    Please note: Once verified, a PAN card can’t be used on any other Rainmaker account. It also cannot be unlinked from your Rainmaker account.

  57. How do I verify my bank account?

    You need a verified bank account on Rainmaker to be able to withdraw your winnings. You can verify your bank account only after verifying your PAN card.

    To verify your bank account:

    • Enter the bank account number that’s linked to your PAN card along with the IFSC code, Bank, Branch name and add your state

    A few important points to keep in mind: 

    • It takes up to 3 working days to verify an account once you submit the details. You can check the status of your verification in the same tab.
    • Once verified, you can’t use the same PAN and bank account details on any other Rainmaker account.
    • You can’t verify NRE accounts, accounts from any Digital Payments Bank or any bank account from Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Telangana, Karnataka, Nagaland, Meghalaya, and Sikkim.

  58. How do I change my PAN card after verifying it?
    Once verified, you can’t change your PAN card or use it on any other Rainmaker account.

  59. Why is my PAN verification getting rejected?
    Your PAN card verification may be getting rejected due to the below reasons along with the solutions to resolve the issues:

    Error Message: The PAN Card you’ve uploaded is already linked to another account. 
    Solution: A PAN Card can only be used on a single Rainmaker account. In case you have another account with PAN verified on it, please continue using that account.

    Error Message: Your PAN verification was rejected because the image you uploaded was not a clear image of your full PAN Card.
    Solution: It seems our system was unable to read your document. Please upload a clear image of your PAN Card.

    Error Message: The PAN document you have uploaded is password protected.
    Solution: Since our systems will need access to your document, please upload a document that does not require a password to access.

    Error Message: The Date Of Birth you entered does not match with the Date Of Birth on your PAN Card.
    Solution: Please correct the Date Of Birth mentioned on the form and resubmit your request.

    Error Message: The PAN Card number you have entered does not match with the number on the uploaded PAN Card.
    Solution: Please validate the PAN Card number entered and resubmit the request.

    Error Message: You’ve uploaded a company PAN Card.
    Solution: To play on Rainmaker, you will need an individual PAN Card, please submit a PAN Card that has your name on it.

    Error Message: The PAN Card details you have entered does not match with the details on your PAN Card.
    Solution: You seem to have entered incorrect PAN Card details. Please validate the information and resubmit.

  60. Why is my BANK verification getting rejected?
    You can verify your bank details only AFTER you’ve successfully verified your PAN Card.
    If your PAN Card has been verified, that has all the necessary details, you can then verify your bank account linked with your PAN card.
    Below could be one of the reasons for your BANK rejection, along with the solution to resolve them:

    Error Message: Name on the bank documents differs from the name on PAN Card.
    Solution: Please ensure that the bank account entered is connected to the verified PAN Card.

    Error Message: There is an issue with the IFSC code (incorrect/other branch) you have entered.
    Solution: Please check your IFSC mentioned on the bank document and enter the correct IFSC to submit.

    Error Message: One or more of your bank account details (account number, IFSC Code, Name) are not visible in your submitted bank document.
    Solution: Please check your name, account number or IFSC mentioned in the details and resubmit the request.

    Error Message: You cannot withdraw your winnings to any payment bank such as Paytm, Airtel, etc.
    Solution: Since digital cash wallets are not allowed on Rainmaker, you will have to update the document of a public or private sector, Grameen or Co-operative bank.
  61. Is PAN and bank verification mandatory?
    Your withdrawals on Rainmaker involve a transfer of winning amount to your bank account, hence verifying your PAN card and bank account is mandatory.

  62. How long does it take for Rainmaker to verify my account?
    Up to 3 working days from the date you’ve submitted your verification details. You can also check the status of the verification, in your profile.

  63. Which bank details should I provide for verification?

    Please ensure:

    • Your bank account is linked to the PAN card verified on Rainmaker.
    • The bank details you enter, has your name, bank account number, IFSC code, complete details of the bank and branch name.

  64. Can I verify more than one Rainmaker account with same PAN Card and bank account?
    No. Once used, the PAN/ bank account details cannot be used on any other Rainmaker account.

    Account Security

  65. How can I make my Rainmaker account safe?

     Tips to keep in mind while you play on Rainmaker:

    • Do NOT share your OTP with anyone. No one working at Rainmaker will ever ask you for any OTP, so please do not share it with anyone.


    • Do not share sensitive information (like mobile number, email ID, PAN, Bank account number etc.) with other players on the Rainmaker platform. 


    • Do not download unverified and unauthorised apps that you do not trust. We do not promote any of these apps and they could be created to gain access to your personal details and hack your account.

    • Report any fraudulent activity immediately to us via the chat option. If you have shared any details to another person, please report any suspicious activity to us immediately so that we can act upon it.


  66. What is a game of skill under Indian laws and is Rainmaker legal?
    Rainmaker is a skill-based platform and is offered in accordance with Indian laws. There are no shortcuts or cheat codes for quick and easy money/winnings. Visit the Legal section to know more.

    Fair Play

  67. What is Fair Play Violation?

    A few examples of Fair Play Violation are:

    • Creating multiple accounts 
    • Misusing the ‘Invite Friends’ program to get a Bonus Amount
    • Withdrawing Bonus Amount using unlawful means
    • Submitting incorrect details and fake documents
    • Submitting someone else’s documents
  68. How do I know that my opponents in a contest are genuine?
    We strive to ensure that we only have genuine users playing on our platform. To facilitate this, we have put in place strict policies and protocols to check any violation of the FairPlay. Before withdrawing their winnings, the Users are required to verify their accounts & furnish their valid government authorized ID Proof – PAN Card & bank account details. These details and documents are collected and verified with the respective authorities.

  69. Does anyone have the access to change my team?

  70. How many accounts can I create with the same Phone number or Email id on Rainmaker?
    You can create only one account.

  71. Is it safe to add my details & documents in the system.
    Absolutely. Your privacy is our focus. Privacy Policies can be accessed at Privacy Policy.

  72. Does any other Rainmaker user have any additional opportunity while creating a team?
    No. We treat all our users as equal. All users have equal access to the database of Cryptocurrencies/Stocks and are bound by the same rules while creating their respective portfolios.

  73. How do I know if someone has not added/changed a team after the deadline is locked?
    You can view/download all contest entries and their selections once the contest starts and the same can also be viewed/downloaded for comparison once the contest is closed.

  74. Are Rainmaker employees allowed to play cash contests?
    Our employees are strictly prohibited from participating in any paid contests on Rainmaker application. No inside jobs! We have a zero tolerance internal policy for such acts.

    Responsible Play

  75. Can I take a break from playing Cash Contests on Rainmaker?
    You can exclude yourself from Playing cash contests on Rainmaker for a while by logging out from the application from the Menu option. Or simply play the available free contests for entertainment and enhancing your skill by practice.

  76. What is Responsible Play?
    • We notify users in case their accrued losses exceed ₹25,000 (applicable to Indian users only).
    • We do not allow users below 18 years of age to play in the pay-to-play contests on Rainmaker.
    • We do not allow our users to participate in more than 500 pay-to-play contests in a single day.
    • You can exclude yourself from Playing on Rainmaker by logging out from the application from the Menu option.


How to Install

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100% Safe & Secure

Download the official Rainmaker Android app from our website. Fantasy sports apps that allow you to win money are not available on the Google Play Store.