Launch Your Nft Collection With These Seven Simple Steps

Launch Your Nft Collection With These Seven Simple Steps


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As NFTs become more popular, it is becoming more difficult for new to stand apart from the throng. NFTs were released this year by everyone from Disney to Ticketmaster to the NBA. Along with these large players, NFT collections by artists, developers, and producers of all kinds are flourishing and achieving great success.

But for every highly successful NFT collection, many fail to capture people’s attention. For every problem-free NFT drop, dozens suffer technical difficulties, website crashes, and exploitation by bots and attackers.

In this post, we will walk you through the 7 steps required for a successful NFT drop from starting an NFT project to completing it.

  1. Tell A Compelling Story

Let’s assume you already have the assets you wish to convert into NFTs. Whether it’s photos, movies, or avatars, you must address one fundamental question: why should consumers buy your NFTs?

To answer, you must first ask yourself:

  • What is the significance of my NFTs?
  • What distinguishes them from other NFTs?
  • Why will people be attempting to obtain them for years to come?
  • What benefit do they provide to my customer?
  • How exclusive do they get?

Before everything else, a successful NFT collection has these questions answered. And the most successful ones use storytelling to guarantee that their target audience understands the same value propositions.

Remember: The story, voice, and vision are what capture the people along with the commitment to the vision that drives continued value.

  1. Choose Your Blockchain & Marketplace

For any NFT inventor, two early decisions are critical to success: where to sell your NFTs and which blockchain to mint them on. Creating your marketplace provides you greater control over the NFT launch, allowing producers to grab more cash and often saving fans from the exorbitant Ethereum gas fees.

Most NFT marketplaces provide distinct benefits and some of them are:

  • OpenSea- World’s first and largest NFT marketplace.
  • Nifty’s- An eco-friendly marketplace that sells NFTs by well-known brands and creators.
  • Foundation- A curated NFT marketplace to establish a new creative economy.
  • MakersPlace- An NFT marketplace for digital artists.

Choosing a blockchain and a marketplace go hand in hand. Some examples of marketplaces are:

  • Ethereum
  • Flow
  • Tezos
  • Palm
  • WAX
  • Cardano
  • Polkadot, and more.
  1. Set Up Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are crucial to the value proposition you give buyers and for that, the following decisions must be made:

  • Will your NFTs exist on or off-chain?
  • Will you get royalties on NFT resale?
  • What is the maximum amount of mint?
  • Will you mint the NFTs yourself, or will you allow the public to do so?

These early decisions are significant since attributes like royalty, rarity, and mint amount are determined after the initial minting. Even with non-fixed features, you should establish what your NFTs will offer and incorporate from the start. If not through smart contract code, then through website copy and information in your whitepaper.

  1. Build Hype & Community

The goal of NFT launches is to create enthusiasm. The more buzz your NFTs generate, the more value people will place on them. So, now that you’ve finished your NFTs, it’s time to get people interested in them.

Among the key ingredients shared by successful NFT projects are:

  • Create social media channels (Twitter and Discord are the most popular places for NFT aficionados to spend their time, but Instagram, Reddit, and Telegram can also be considered).
  • Contact NFT influencers and consider donating NFTs to them for assistance.
  • Hold handouts
  • Participate in community activities.
  • Build a professional website.
  • Make promotional movies, images, and textual content, as well as a presale sign-up form and email list.
  • Include your project on the NFT calendar.
  1. Create Fairness For Fans And Customers

Fairness is a major topic in the NFT world. With the NFT economy being driven by the community and creators, building a fair NFT launch is a crucial method to demonstrate to customers that you care and that your project can be trusted.

  1. Know Your Customer/s

Proof of personhood is essential for making the NFTs more egalitarian. PoP, as the name implies, requires each participant to demonstrate their identity. Visitors that enter virtual waiting rooms for NFT drops can be verified as genuine individuals with the help of Bot prevention measures and en queue token SDKs with unique user identities to ensure that only authenticated users can travel through the queue and onto the website.

  1. Create Lasting Value & Innovate

NFTs are interesting because their value is driven by fans and the community. And if you want fans and customers to keep hyping your NFTs, you must generate value that lasts. The benefits of innovation include providing value to fans and encouraging others to participate while increasing the value of NFTs. Furthermore, as consumers realize the value that original holders are receiving from specific NFTs, they are more willing to participate in the next release.


We’ve discussed the fundamentals of a successful NFT collection drop in this article. Consider and answer the following seven critical questions for a successful NFT launch:

  • How will my NFTs differentiate themselves and provide value?
  • Where am I going to mint and sell my NFTs?
  • What will smart contracts look like and what will they provide?
  • How will I generate buzz for my NFTs and create a diverse community?
  • How will I ensure consumer fairness and provide everyone with an equal chance?
  • What regulatory measures do I want to put in place for my project?
  • How will I prepare my website and employees for increased traffic?

With these questions answered and all of the tasks on this checklist completed, your project will be well on its way to success.

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