How And Why Discord Plays An Important Part In The Cryptocurrency Community?

How And Why Discord Plays An Important Part In The Cryptocurrency Community?


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What would an Educational Institution be without its Mentors? Discord plays a similar role in the institution of the Cryptocurrency Community. In laymen’s language, it is an online platform with over a quarter of a billion users and 30 languages to choose from.

In 2021, It gained its popularity with substantial dominance by the cryptocurrency community and has been growing ever since. It’s safe to say, in the cryptoverse, discord is looked upon as the verified blue tick on Instagram wherein, without being a part of an active discord channel, you could be a lost investor in the crypto verse and here’s why; Accessible,  timely information has proven to be the most sought-after assets in the crypto industry.  Discord has been a blessing for traders and crypto enthusiasts, as it is a secure platform to interact on and follow the footsteps of Crypto trailblazers across countries or simply to keep up with trends.

The pioneer of the Crypto era, Garyvee, has gone so far as to state, “I have a funny feeling  that Discord will be the prime social media destination for many of you trying to build your  own communities moving forward in the Crypto Universe”

As the crypto market expands and more people dabble into the industry, Discord is gaining its prominence owing to the restrictions imposed by social media giants like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pertaining to NFT marketing. Now, businesses are being able to market their cryptocurrency easily on Discord, by holding contests and giveaways to promote their cryptocurrency coins. Cryptocurrency sites now feature a Discord server on their website,  emphasizing the importance of Discord in the cryptocurrency domain.

It has evolved into a thriving hub where over 150,000 crypto connoisseurs, religious miners,  or bitcoin beginners gather daily to exchange resources. In a Discord network, you can create or join servers, both public and private where lots of individuals with common interests can meet and interact via text, video, or voice.

How Do You Join A Discord Channel?

Discord’s search function will allow you to seamlessly explore all the servers available for you to find one that fits your needs. (Click the “Explore Public Servers” icon on the left-hand  side of the screen or app to open up a server browser)

The option to search by a specific niche is available by selecting a category that corresponds to your interests. if you are interested in joining and participating in a Crypto community discord, all you require is an invite link and you’re in.

How Do You Create A Discord Channel?

This feature is constructed for all the Crypto-enthusiasts looking to share information on trends, data, and building crypto community a. Along with the umpteen features offered, you can configure your discord server in a multitude of ways by setting up different roles for members.

Discord is the platform that brings crypto communities together wherein they share a  common interest and desire to see decentralized blockchain ledgers succeed and the most pre-eminent feature is that it is free of charge.

Here Are 5 Leading Cryptocurrency Discord Servers For You To Dive Into And Master The Art Of  Investing And Trading In The Cryptoverse:

1. KriptoCommunity

‘KriptoCommunity’ is looking to revolutionize crypto communication by partnering with  YouTube Gurus. With over 5000 members and its daily users topping 1000, participants tend to become further informed and more educated in the space.

2. ‘Crypto Technical Analysis

This channel exists for crypto traders to offer analysis and forecasts on a multitude of Crypto coins. It provides an array of crypto signals along with trend analysis by the finest in the industry.

3. Axion

A leading Crypto Discord network housing friendly people who want to grow together.  Deemed as one of the finest communities to find people to discuss trades and investments as their admins are extremely helpful in nature. Premium crypto signals, entry points, and exit points along with guidance to execute those trades are provided.

4. Crypto hub

Dedicated to all things Crypto, such as gem hunting, staking, NFTs, trading, investing, etc, it provides a beginner-friendly atmosphere, containing free and simple guides that are helpful to the new arrivals into the crypto verse.

5. Elite Crypto Signals

With the goal of gathering a community where users help each other make profits in crypto,  the channel quickly gained more than 7000 members. The Elite Crypto Signals founders have been in the crypto business since 2012.

Discord has been taken in a variety of directions since its inception and with its sheer resilience, it is evidently here to stay in the Crypto Community. Now, the question is when will you: a crypto follower, investor, or inventor take full advantage of it?

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