Why is my PAN verification getting rejected?

Your PAN card verification may be getting rejected due to the below reasons along with the solutions to resolve the issues:

Error Message: The PAN Card you’ve uploaded is already linked to another account. 
Solution: A PAN Card can only be used on a single Rainmaker account. In case you have another account with PAN verified on it, please continue using that account.

Error Message: Your PAN verification was rejected because the image you uploaded was not a clear image of your full PAN Card.
Solution: It seems our system was unable to read your document. Please upload a clear image of your PAN Card.

ErrorMessage: The PAN document you have uploaded is password protected.
Solution: Since our systems will need access to your document, please upload a document that does not require a password to access.

ErrorMessage: The Date Of Birth you entered does not match with the Date Of Birth on your PAN Card.
Solution: Please correct the Date Of Birth mentioned on the form and resubmit your request.

Error Message: The PAN Card number you have entered does not match with the number on the uploaded PAN Card.
Solution: Please validate the PAN Card number entered and resubmit the request.

ErrorMessage: You’ve uploaded a company PAN Card.
Solution: To play on Rainmaker, you will need an individual PAN Card, please submit a PAN Card that has your name on it.

Error Message: The PAN Card details you have entered does not match with the details on your PAN Card.
Solution: You seem to have entered incorrect PAN Card details. Please validate the information and resubmit.

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