What drives us?

Activities pertaining to Cryptocurrency & Stock, especially gaming, are practiced worldwide, and with good reason. It’s thrilling, it’s fun, and it’s rewarding. But like every good thing, it needs to be practised in moderation and with the right checks in place.

At Rainmaker, while we want you to have a wholesome gaming and learning experience, it is believed that participation in fantasy gaming may elevate some potential negative effects. Thus, we constantly work with the user data to monitor patterns of gameplay, deposits, and circuit levels/ capitalization, and try to personally reach out any time we spot a concern or anomaly. 

While we continue building towards a data and AI-led system that works to intuitively and seamlessly create optimal gaming conditions for you, we also incorporate features that give you tools for self-regulation such as limit-setting and self-exclusion and provide any assistance you might need while navigating the market of fantasy Cryptocurrency & Stock.

Here’s how you can use these tools to play and learn the way that will bring you ample amount of knowledge, experience and benefit. Please make sure you have read the Terms & Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy, and the Responsible Gaming Guidelines along with this page.


1. What is a Fair Play violation?

Rainmaker is a skill-based platform which is offered in accordance with the applicable Indian Laws. There are no cheat codes or short way to quick and easy wins on the application. We believe in being transparent, reliable, and responsible and follow strict policies, framework, and protocols to check any violation of our Fair Play Policy. 

A few examples of Fair Play Violation are:

a. Creating multiple accounts.
b. Misusing the ‘Invite Friends’ program to get a Cash Bonus.
c. Withdrawing Cash Bonus using unlawful means.
d. Submitting incorrect details and fake documents.
e. Submitting someone else’s documents.

2. What happens when a Fair Play Violation is identified?

Following actions may be taken by us in the event of a violation of Fair Play:

a. Winnings and Cash Bonus earned by unfair means are captured.
b. Referred accounts are deactivated and invite codes are blocked.
c. Permanent account deactivation.

3. How do I know that my opponents in a contest are genuine?

a. Genuine, Verified Users
We strive to ensure that we only have genuine users playing on Rainmaker. To facilitate this, we have put in place strict policies and protocols to check any violation of Fair Play. Users are required to verify their accounts & furnish their valid government authorized ID Proof – PAN Card & bank account details. These details and documents are collected and verified with the respective authorities.

b. Deadline
Each contest has its own official timeline and portfolios cannot be updated/edited post the deadline of the respective contest. This deadline is put in place to ensure continued level playing field for all our users.

4. Can anyone change my portfolio?
No. It is only you who has the access to change your portfolio before the deadline. 

5. How many accounts can I create with the same email id/ other details on Rainmaker?
You can create only one account with a single email id on Rainmaker. Creation of multiple accounts is strictly prohibited and violates our Fair Play policy.

6. Is it safe to add my details & documents on the application?
Absolutely. Your privacy is our focus. Privacy Policies can be accessed at Privacy Policy.
The information shared with us is only used for user verification purposes and other such purposes as elaborated in the Rainmaker’s Privacy Policy.

7. What steps are taken to verify the winners for a match?
To ensure you can play on Rainmaker and compete with other users with full confidence, we have taken the following measures:

8. Are Rainmaker employees allowed to play cash contests?
Our employees are strictly prohibited from participating in any paid contests on Rainmaker.


Only users above 18 years of age are allowed to participate on the Rainmaker application. Following are the features offered as a part of our Responsible Play to the user on the Rainmaker application.

1. Limits

a. Deposit Limits
This feature herein allows you to effectively manage your accounts and payroll for playing online. From daily, weekly to monthly, you can set your deposit limits and transaction counts suitably. While we encourage you to take a call wisely, and understand your propensity towards the game, you can set your daily deposit limit to an amount feasible to you.

b. Portfolio Limit

c. Contest Limits
We understand the importance of money and mental pressure by constantly participating in the contests, and thus, do not allow our users to participate in more than 500 pay-to-play contests in a single day. Hence, your daily paid contest limit on the Rainmaker application is 500.

d. Additionally, we notify you in case the accrued losses exceed ₹25,000 (applicable to Indian users only) in the pay-to-play contests on Rainmaker.

2. Breaks

If constant gaming, managing, and depositing on the platform is troubling you, upsetting you or the people around you, other than the limits set up on the account, we encourage you to take regular breaks. You can exclude yourself from Playing on Rainmaker by logging out from the application from the Menu option.

One of the most significant features of our Responsible Gaming Guidelines is to allow yourself to calm and cool down by taking breaks at regular intervals. During this period, you will be unable to access your Rainmaker account. Your time-out will be irreversible for the selected duration.

We strongly urge you to treat this game as an entertainment and learning experience and not a sole source of income. We further encourage you to make frequent withdrawals from your account when you win and not try to compensate your loses (if any) by playing repeatedly and higher stakes. This game involves financial risk and a possibility of addiction, and thus we seek your responsible participation in this game.

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