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    With Rainmaker, you can:


    Participate in fantasy games related to Cryptocurrency and Stock Market

    Giving you an authentic trading experience

    Opportunity to test your knowledge among the online community of fellow traders

    Play different contests on your preferred market choice and make portfolios to earn real cash prizes

    Start Learning while you test your knowledge in the stock market and cryptocurrency and earn real cash prizes


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    Get started in just 4 easy steps

    Select your preferred sector- Rainmaker

    Select your preferred sector

    Create a new portfolio or select an existing one- Rainmaker

    Create a new portfolio or select an existing one

    Join the contest- Rainmaker

    Join the contest

    Select your stocks and start playing- Rainmaker

    Select your stocks and start playing

    Get started in just 4 easy steps


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    Key FAQ's

    Please refer to the game rules under the ’How to Play’ section to understand the rules of entering a contest at

    • A user will select the segment starting with only  Cryptocurrency or  Stocks.
    • A user will select an existing (for returning users only) or create new team/portfolio by clicking on the desired contest from either the “Contests” section or  the “My Contest”  section under “Upcoming Contests”.
    • A user can choose to play for “Free” or by paying a contest “Entry fee” After a user selects their desired free or paid game mode, they will be able to select their Cryptocurrencies or Stocks to build their winning portfolio
    • Stocks Selection: Each Cryptocurrency or Stocks, irrespective of the circuit levels (link) can be chosen based on an analysis of either ‘Up’ or ‘Down’, representing whether the user’s analysis for a Stocks’s value is for it to move upwards or downwards.
    • Once a user has selected his/her desired Stocks as per the contest regulations, they are eligible to enter free or paid entry contests as per the applicable segments (contests are of different types depending upon the time, segments and other variables) – the user enters the contest directly (before the entry deadline) if its free, or is prompted to pay the entry fees for the particular contest via various payment options like Debit card, Credit card, Net banking, Mobile wallets etc., to enter.
    • During the entire timeline of the contest, as the prices of chosen Stocks change the portfolio value also changes in real time as per the conversion points table.
    • Users can either keep their entries active for the entire duration of the contest or choose ‘Exit’ option to stop points accumulation in their entry at their desired time/portfolio value. The “Exit” option can be accessed under “My entered contests” in the “My Contests” tab by selecting the contest in which the Exit option is to be exercised. After selecting the desired contest, the user must now tap on the desired portfolio for the expanded view and where the “Exit” option can be exercised.
    • Once the contest has ended, within 120 mins the final winners and losers’ rankings are announced. 

    Rainmaker is a cryptocurrency & Stocks fantasy gaming application. It is centred towards a single idea, to educate and bring Stocks and Cryptocurrency market enthusiasts from around the country of India, together on a single platform, to compete against each other in different forms of exciting and gripping contests. These contests are based on recent and live Stocks and Cryptocurrency market events, based on informed and tested decision-making skills, which reward the users with the best portfolio management skills in a pre-stipulated budget. It also gives the users a standing a chance to win exciting rewards daily, in a fun and engaging, gaming environment. The focus of this platform also transcends to those who are novice and amateur in the field, by offering them an avenue for training and and development of skill and proficiency, to further test their development by participating in contests provided on the application.

    Rainmaker works on skill based online fantasy gaming principles with respect to the user rewards taking reference based on factual information and historical data from live events, analysis and fluctuations happening in real time cryptocurrency and Stocks markets.

    Absolutely! We work with trusted third-party payment gateways (Cashfree) with secure authentication to ensure safety and security of all financial transactions. We do not store your credit/debit card details on our database.
    Yes, You can create upto 3 portfolios in 6 stock/crypto contest and upto 5 portfolio in 9 stock/crypto contest

    When your net winning in a contest is more than 10,000 then 31.2% of tax will be deducted as per income tax rules.

    The remaining amount (Post tax deductions) will be credited to your Rainmaker account as your “winning”. Since TDS is already deducted from your winnings, NO additional tax is deducted when you place a withdrawal request. You will also get a TDS certificate ONLY if you’ve verified your PAN card on Rainmaker.

    Our obligation in this regard is limited to deducting TDS as applicable and providing you an appropriate certificate of tax deduction (if PAN is updated). We neither advise you nor shall in any manner be responsible for your individual tax matters or any balance tax liabilities.

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    Download the official Rainmaker Android app from our website. Fantasy sports apps that allow you to win money are not available on the Google Play Store.